A properly trained dental professional ensures better clinical outcomes. We're committed to ensuring proper training on the usage of our products.

Prepare for the optimal fit

Watch us explain how to properly size the mouthpiece and place the Isolite® dental isolation system into the oral environment.

Mouthpiece placement in 1-2-3


Hold the sides of the control head with your index finger and thumb. With your other hand, fold the cheek shield onto the tongue retractor. Next, gently slide the folded mouthpiece into the buccal vestibule on the side that will be receiving treatment. Be sure to properly angle the mouthpiece to allow the lower edge of the tongue retractor to move along the buccal edge of the teeth.


Move the bite block onto the occlusal surface of the teeth, just distal to the mandibular cuspid. Instruct the patient to “rest gently” on the bite block to secure.


Place the cheek shield into the buccal vestibule, then move the isthmus onto the retromolar pad behind the maxillary tuberosity. Next, adjust the tongue retractor in the lingual vestibule as needed and move the bite block distally to provide more vertical working room.

Instructions for Use

Click one of the links below to download a PDF version of the instructions for use for the Isolite 3, Isolite 2, Isodry, Isovac or the Mouthpieces.

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Isolite dental isolation systems can make a noticeable difference in improving your productivity.

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