Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing procedures can be achieved quickly and effectively using Isolite systems.

Power. Control. Results.

The Isolite helps you get to the root of it all—It’s like having an extra pair of hands in your operatory. Exemplary retraction, evacuation, and illumination helps provide a faster, safer, and more comfortable patient and operator experience whether you’re root planing a single-stage quadrant, or performing a full mouth debridement.

Gentle soft tissue retraction allows you to probe, prophy, scale, root plane, debride, polish, and place site-specific antibiotics with ease.

Powerful hands-free evacuation removes liquid debris and minimizes aspiration risk when ultrasonic scalers, water lavage, and therapeutic rinses are used. During periodontal therapy, the Isolite and HVE team up to reduce saliva pooling by successfully evacuating water, blood, pocket irrigation solutions, and OPIM (including laser plume).

Ongoing evacuation keeps your mirror fog-free so you get a crystal clear image throughout treatment. Designed for optimal visibility, the mouthpiece is translucent so you can monitor the patient airway at a glance.

Isolite’s integrated mouth prop has enough strength to prevent occlusion while offering a soft enough biting surface to provide maximum jaw comfort even for your most non-compliant patients.

The Isolite 3

Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment for a multitude of procedures due to its capabilities of improved visibility, oral humidity control, and contamination minimization, the new Isolite 3 also offers a brighter light, a more robust head design, and a suction hose that won't kink. It's everything you appreciate about Isolite, plus a whole lot more.

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The Isodry

Constructed of 2.5 ounces of strong, yet ultra-lightweight titanium, the Isodry Control Head Assembly provides two channels of continuous hands-free vacuum suction without the illumination component in the Isolite 3.

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The Isovac

Quickly connecting to an available HVE line in the operatory, the Isovac® adapter is perfect for rounding out hygiene operatories with dual vacuum suction and easy-to-use oral control. Discover the ultra lightweight, easy-to-clean Control Head Assembly and take advantage of the many benefits that come with our award-winning mouthpieces.

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The Mouthpiece

All Isolite dental isolation systems utilize the patented mouthpiece, which is the point where illumination, isolation and aspiration converge. Our award-winning mouthpieces are constructed of a flexible polymer that is softer than gingival tissue, ensuring a comfortable experience for your patients.

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Isolite helps with efficiency. I can knock out an entire quadrant. You have the light, the suction, better access. I don’t know how in the world I did dentistry before without it, especially in difficult areas.
George Hardy, DDS
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