How It Works

Isolate two quadrants quickly and effectively with the proprietary Isolite mouthpiece, the heart of the Isolite dental isolation system.

The Isolite Dental Isolation System From Zyris

Continuous saliva evacuation. Tongue retraction. Bite block. Shadowless illumination. All in one device that’s comfortable for the patient and convenient for you--the patented Isolite® systems from Zyris™. With three systems to choose from, you can select the one that best fits your needs.

The principal component is the Isolite mouthpiece, which provides dual-channel suction along with most of the benefits of a rubber dam. Engineered from soft, flexible, latex-free polymer that’s actually softer than gingival tissue, your patients will benefit from a more comfortable experience than that of a rubber dam.

Benefits You Will See


The patented design allows you to focus on the procedure, which means better clinical outcomes.



Dual suction, bite blocking, tongue retraction and throat shielding all lead to a more relaxed, quicker patient experience in the chair. That can give your practice a strong point of differentiation in this competitive environment.


With the device in place, you’ll be able to work faster than ever before. Faster procedures mean more patients and a bigger bottom line.


Isolite systems remove many of the negative variables that can impact a procedure, including moisture, contamination, tongue or cheek interference and lack of accessibility.


Our products were thoughtfully and meticulously designed to protect you and your patients in the realms of: infection control, cross-contamination, accidental swallowing, and mis-prepped tissue.


Both placement and removal are ultra-quick—in just a few seconds, unlike a rubber dam. This not only eases the procedure as a whole, but also eases the mind of the patient as they know they can rest or take breaks as needed.

The Isolite system is definitely one of the best inventions in dentistry. It’s made not only my job easier, but patients love it and so does my assistant.
Daniel Aneszko, DDS
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Increase Your Productivity

In addition to the many clinical applications of the Isolite dental isolation system, its ability to expedite procedure time is its key benefit.

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The Isolite 3

Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment due to its capabilities of improved visibility, oral humidity control, and contamination minimization, the new Isolite® 3 also offers a brighter light, a more robust head design, and a suction hose that won't kink.

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The Isodry

The Isodry® also provides two channels of continuous hands-free vacuum suction, only without the illumination component.

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The Isovac

With easy-to-use oral control and dual vacuum suction, the Isovac® dental isolation adapter is perfect for rounding out hygiene operatories.

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The Mouthpiece

The patented mouthpiece is for use with all Isolite systems, ensuring proper isolation and a comfortable patient experience.

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Learn how to use the Isolite dental isolation system.

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