Smiles All Around

Isolite® Systems is now Zyris™. Creating happier patients and dental professionals. That's what drives us every day.

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The Dental Win-Win

The award-winning Isolite®, Isodry® and Isovac® dental isolation systems allow you to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in your procedures.

Achieve better visibility and moisture control, improve efficiency and clinical results, while ensuring patient safety and comfort. Faster, better and safer. And smiles all around.

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The all new

The Isolite illuminated dental isolation system provides unprecedented control of the oral environment for a wide array of procedures. Isolite keeps your patient’s mouth open, improves visibility, controls oral humidity and minimizes contamination. The new Isolite 3 offers a brighter light, a more robust head design and a suction hose that won’t kink.

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Practice benefits

There are many benefits to using Isolite dental isolation systems in your practice.

Achieve better and more predictable clinical outcomes, while also providing a higher level of patient safety. All while simultaneously performing procedures faster than ever before, giving you the flexibility of extra time for yourself or to see more patients.

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Patient benefits

Patients benefit as much as the clinicians do.

Not only are they receiving an improved procedure, they're also more comfortable along the way and out of the chair more quickly.

Delivering a positive patient experience can generate strong and valuable word-of-mouth advertising for your practice.

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Nothing reduces humidity like the Isolite system. Rubber dams and cotton rolls are great, but there is nothing that gives us total control over the oral environment in so many applications as Isolite. We couldn’t practice without it.
Drs. Michael Melkers and Jeanine McDonald
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